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Joy & Jui Wedding Photography

Posted by Glitz Photography on Saturday, July 20, 2019, In : Raowa Convension Hall 

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Celebrating 10 Years of Wedding Service

Posted by BD Event Management & Wedding Planners on Thursday, November 30, 2017, In : Wedding 

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Wedding Photography Super combo 10% Discount

Posted by BD Wedding Photographer on Saturday, November 18, 2017, In : Dhanmondi Party Center , Dhaka 

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hindu wedding photography by nehad -bdweddingplanners

Posted by BD Wedding Planners on Tuesday, July 4, 2017, In : Tokyo Convention Center ,Dhaka 

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holud wedding photography by nehad

Posted by holud wedding photography by nehad on Saturday, July 1, 2017, In : Thai Signature ,Dhaka 

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Ramadan Mubarak , 2017

Posted by Ramadan Mubarak , 2017 on Saturday, June 3, 2017, In : Wedding photographer 

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Why We

1. Your one stop shop for designer weddings.

2. Uniqueness to your wedding event.

3. Strong network to offer you various specialties from different cities of Bangladesh.

4. Designer touch to enhance the ambiance.

5. Highly cost effective.

6. We help you to figure out the best service providers of your town.

7. High professionalism and dedication.

8. Covering every aspect of wedding and giving a symmetric touch to it.

9. Our development department gives new concepts and designs.

10. Hassle free Wedding.

11. Working to exacting standards and timely delivery.

12. Ensuring that all the dealings with clients and suppliers are carried out with integrity and honesty and complete transparent manner



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Forever My Love Will Be


When troubles bring you down

and you don't know what to do,

just look inside your heart

and you'll know that I love you.


Everyone has a destiny to find,

looking in your eyes I have found mine.

You're all I ever wanted,

you're all I'll ever need.


I will be yours always,

you will have my love for eternity.

Heart To Heart


Sometimes in this lifetime,

we meet a special soul,

who fills our very essence,

to almost overflow,

we drink the cup of friendship,

it tastes like ruby wine,

and you know within your heart,

this meeting was Divine.





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